Cold-Pressed Cocktails Recipes

Cold-Pressed Cocktails Recipes

Looking to mix up your cocktail choices with Living Juice? Look no further for these 5 amazing, organic cold-pressed cocktail recipes!

Our first juice, Fresh Start, is amazing paired with...

  • A organic tequila for a spicy twist on a margarita
  • A vodka for a new take on the Classic Vodka Lemonade
  • Whiskey, for a “Bourbon lemonade”

Our second juice, Pineapple Punch, is delicious... 

  • Paired with rum for a tropical pineapple rum punch 

Our third juice, Red Radiance, is tasty...

  • With rum for a berry and beet sweet drink
  • Or gin for a beet, strawberry martini 

Our fourth juice, Green Vitality, is delightful...

  • Matched with vodka for a “Green Mary”
  • Paired with cucumber vodka for a green juice martini

Our fifth juice, Carrot Kick, is yummy...

  • With mezcal for a smoky and sweet combination 
  • Or tequila and Tabasco for a spicy and sweet drink

Turning any of our cold-pressed juices into a signature cocktail offers a refreshing twist to traditionally mixed drinks by incorporating cold-pressed juices as a key ingredient! Check us out at Living Juice to snag your order!

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