Four Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream

Short Description 

Organic, vegan ice cream by O2 Living makers of organic cold-pressed Living JuiceWant to extend your summer by just a little bit? Indulge in some healthy, vegan ice cream! This sweet treat doesn't have all the heavy cream and sugar as traditional ice cream, but does allow you to enjoy a cool, creamy, and refreshing dessert. 


  • Organic coconut milk, 2 cups 
  • Organic sweetener (such as xylitol or a natural sweetener), 1/3 cup 
  • Organic vanilla extract, 1 1/2 tsp 
  • Salt, 1/8 tsp 
  • Any additional flavors you like (almond butter, cocoa, or a bit of organic, cold-pressed Living Juice - we recommend Pineapple Punch!) 


  1. Blend all ingredients together. 
  2. Freeze using ice cream maker, according to instructions. Or freeze for several hours, making sure to stir occasionally. 
  3. Enjoy!