Renew yourself! Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Try a Juice Fast

Many people compare juice cleanses and juice fasts to being like a “spring cleaning” for your body—and with good reason.

By dramatically increasing your daily intake of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes, you’ll be helping to detox your body—which is just as important as cleaning out your garage or washing your windows. And just like with spring cleaning, timing is everything. Although a juice fast can be done at any time of year, here are some of the reasons why now is the perfect time to try one out:

Spring is the perfect time to indulge in fresh fruits and veggies. 

Everything is coming into bloom and the stalls at our local farmers’ markets are once again beginning to overflow with great local produce. Juice fasts are an easy and effective—not to mention delicious—way to get your daily recommended serving of greens. It’s also the perfect way to start incorporating more fresh produce into your regular diet.

You’ll temporarily turn off your body’s production of fats. 

A high-fat diet can lead to hypertension, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But according to Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, fasting has the potential to help with treating elevated cholesterol levels. While fasting, your body shuts down the production of fats and cholesterol, which is also why some people experience weight loss during juice cleanses.

Spring is the season that signals the birth of a new you—and that includes new eating habits.

If you have difficulty controlling your cravings and find that you are reliant on fast meals and pre-packaged food, a juice fast is an effective way to reset your diet. For optimum effects, you’ll want to reduce or remove dairy, flour, caffeine, sugar, meat and alcohol from your menu plan before you even start. And once you’re done, you’ll be in the perfect place—mentally and physically—to jump-start your body on a healthy diet full of enzymatically live and nutrient-rich foods.

A change in your diet—even if it’s temporary—can spur a change in other routines.

Your eating habits aren’t the only thing that will change. A juice fast provides the time and mental space to start healthy living habits anew. Have you resolved to spend more time being mindful or writing in a gratitude journal? Want to take up meditation or yoga? Since you won’t need to do meal prep during your juice fast (our five and seven-day juice fasts give you your complete greens for the day, as well as two “Fresh Start” drinks to round out the flavor wheel), you’ll have extra time to explore and establish new healthy living routines.

Just as the world around you starts to thaw, you’ll have a boost in energy.

Doing a springtime juice fast is like that classic scene in Bambi, where all the animals come out of hibernation to discover and fresh new world. Juice fasts will leave you feeling energized and brightened, and the next thing you know, you’ll be singing “a little spring song.” C’mon summer—bring it on!

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