Yoga Poses to Energize Your Morning

Yoga Poses to Energize Your Morning

The majority of us have a morning routine: coffee, quick shower, a bite to eat. Wouldn’t you love to incorporate some type of self-love that also energizes you to this routine? A quick 5-10 minute yoga practice could just be the thing you need! The following poses are perfect for easing yourself gently into the day leaving you feeling calm, energized and alert. Try to complete about 5 breaths in each pose, but this can be adjusted for your own practice and time constraints.

1. Child’s Pose

Begin with this relaxing pose, allowing your hips and arms to stretch out. Try to keep your hips back over your feet as you allow your arms to stretch out in front of you. Maintain an aligned neck by keeping your forehead to the ground.

2. Cat/Cow Poses

Come up on to all fours from Child’s Pose. As you begin to inhale, move into cat pose as you round the back bringing your chin and gaze to your chest and belly. As you exhale, move into cow pose by arching your back and looking up with your eyes and head. Repeat with your breaths.

3. Downward – Facing Dog

From Cat/Cow, move your feet back so that you can comfortably raise your knees with a straight back. Position your arms out in front of you and lengthen your back. Stretch out the hamstrings while trying to move your heels to the ground.

4. Upward - Facing Dog

Move forward into a plank and slowly lower all the way to the floor. Roll over onto the tops of your feet so that you can push your arms away from the ground and open your chest. This pose, like Cat/Cow is great for opening and warming the spine and chest.

5. Low Lunge

Come to a quick Child’s pose before raising to your knees and bringing one foot by your hands for a low lunge. Repeat on the other leg to warm up your quads and hip flexors.

6. Mountain Pose or Lotus Pose


Finish by standing tall at the top of your mat with your hands by your side or by sitting in a comfortable legs crossed position. Whether you're standing tall or quietly meditating seated, be proud of what you have already accomplished this day!

Yoga is apt to provide a variety of physical and mental improvements if done regularly. It helps heal the mind and body through physical movements, poses, breathing and strength building. One main reason many practice yoga is to find inner balance. This morning routine will help you wake calmly and energized and assist you on the journey to inner balance! Looking for more yoga options in the mornings and throughout the day? Check out our schedule here! 

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