Spa Birthday

I got the best birthday present this year: Spa treatments for my daughter Kate and me. I’d been to a Ladies Night at O2 Living in Cross River that offered samples of treatments (and samples or flavorful organic, cold-pressed juices!), and was looking forward getting the whole shebang.

I was not disappointed. 

My experience with facials in the past involved a lot of poking and prodding at Elizabeth Arden and coming out looking worse for a week than when I went in. Eva was a whole different story. I had a soothing, relaxing hour and when I emerged my skin looked great. (I hadn’t anticipated foot reflexology would be part of a facial, but wasn’t about to complain. Eva reflexology-ized the stress right out of me.) As for Kate, it was her first facial and while her 18-year-old skin already looked great, she came out glowing.

Plus, I am not accustomed to estheticians, in their white lab coats, being particularly warm and personable, but Eva was totally attuned to our personal needs and even gave us hugs as we were leaving.

Massage time was also a win. Susan, with a background in medical massage, was going for more than relaxation. “That’s boring,” she told me. “I look for things that need working on, and I always find something.” She certainly found plenty to attack on me, thanks to postural stress from sitting at a desk all day and, well, life. Plus I badly sprained my ankle a year ago and it still was giving me trouble, and damned if Susan didn’t work a little magic on that.

(During her massage with Susan, Kate kept laughing and I thought, now here’s a massage therapist with a great sense of humor. Afterward, Susan told me Kate was the most ticklish client she’s ever had.)

The best part, of course, was just spending time with my daughter. On the way home, we compared notes on which cold-pressed Living Juice was our favorite (Carrot Kick for me, Fresh Start for her), talked about starting a yoga class and vowed to eat healthier.

Ten minutes later we pulled into the drive-thru at McDonald's (happy birthday to me!). Carrot Kick would wait for another time.

- Lynn

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