My daughter and I found a different kind of spa experience at o2 Living.

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Work. Home. Family. Relationships. How do we balance it? And more importantly, how do we make sure not to miss a moment of what’s actually happening, instead of worrying about what tomorrow holds in store? Read More

Kids love juice. It’s sweet. It’s delicious. And it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Isn’t it?

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Raw Food: What is it? Let’s start with what it’s not.

It is not a commitment to living a life entirely void of flavor.

It doesn’t mean having to invest in equipment you’ve never heard of it or buying ingredients that come in jars twice as small and cost four times as much.

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You already know that choosing the right foods make you feel good on the inside.  A healthy diet promotes things like good digestion, increased energy, and can lead to a better night’s sleep.

What you might not have known is that certain foods are good for your outside too, and we’re not just talking about your waistline.

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It’s free. It feels wonderful. And there is an endless supply of it. Yet, many of us simply aren’t cashing in on the incredible benefits inherent in a good night’s sleep.

Babies need it. Teenagers crave it. Parents lack it. It seems the older we get, the less time we put aside for the 8 hours a day our body needs to recuperate and gear up for daylight activities. Unfortunately, by ignoring the amount of time you sleep, it could mean that you’re not only waking up tired, you’re missing a key contributor to overall health and wellbeing.

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The benefits of yoga are numerous. From increasing flexibility to reducing stress, yoga is a healthy addition to any lifestyle, and a gateway to wellness that every body can enjoy. Read More
Nuts were seldom eaten years ago because of their high fat content and high calories.  We had no idea of the true health benefits that lay inside these wonderfully delicious snacks.  Read More
The beet. It’s purple. It can be pickled. And you find it in borsch. What else is there to know? You might be surprised. Read More

Bottoms Up! Improve Your Overall Health with an Invigorating Juice Cleanse! 

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