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Giving the Gift of LivingJuice

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s a good idea to start brainstorming gift ideas. It’s easy to revert to the same old tropes (you can only give somebody socks so many times). Instead of boring, standard presents, try something new this year instead: the gift of cold-pressed juice. It’s as tasty as it is nutritious, and can even jumpstart a New Years resolution. 

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Let’s look at pineapple punch and the ingredients inside that make it such a good gift. The namesake of our delectable sweet green juice, pineapple is as good for you as it tastes. Like all fruits and vegetables, just one cup of it contains a multitude of nutrients, but most notably Vitamin C and Manganese (over 100% of the daily value for both). It’s got apples too, which are high in Vitamin C and a type of fiber that aids in lowering cholesterol levels. What’s more, apples can even be helpful in weight loss. In one study, naturally occurring compounds in apples led to a loss in body fat and an “improved lipid profile” in obese mice and rats. Then there’s kale. A wildly popular superfood, kale is often hailed as the cream of the nutritional crop. Its benefits are extensive, and range from skin, hair, and eye health to even cancer prevention from the high dosage of chlorophyll found in each bite.

Or you can go a different route with a batch of Red Radiance. Packed with beets that have been shown to increase performance in endurance runners and aid in recovery, this juice is ideal for boosting your mid-winter runs and overall energy levels in the darker months.

The best option could be a variety pack, stuffed with unique flavors like Fresh Start, Carrot Kick, and Green Vitality. 

Browse our selection and give the gift of LivingJuice this holiday season!

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