Living It Up With A Picky Eater

I had a little visitor the other day who doesn’t like carrots – or most other vegetables, for that matter. Gigi is two years old, adorable and remarkably well-behaved, but while she can be tempted by fruit (and, not surprisingly, cake pops), her mom, Suzy, told me that like many toddlers, Gigi turns up her nose at vegetables.

I’d asked Suzy to bring Gigi over to sample organic, cold-pressed Living Juice, because I went through the same thing with my kids. I used to play videos about vegetables when Jack and Kate were little and they’d happily sing along with broccoli, red beet and carrot puppets on their “Wee Sing” video, but no matter how masterfully I’d try to arrange those same veggies on a plate, they’d get slipped to the dog when the kids thought I wasn’t looking.

(On the plus side, we had a very healthy beagle.)

Suzy was dubious about Gigi liking a juice called Carrot Kick, which was the first I asked her to try. But Gigi took a sip…

Asked for more…

And then turned the bottle around to see what was in this drink that tasted so good, before politely asking for another cup.

I was going to have Gigi sample Red Radiance next, but I only had one bottle and while I was busy taking these pictures my daughter Kate, now 18, drank the whole thing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently advised against giving kids much fruit juice. Almost half the fruit Americans between the ages of 2 and 18 consume is in juice form, and the Academy points out it would be better for a variety of reasons for toddlers to limit juice intake in favor of whole fruit.

That’s probably true for vegetables too, except in my experience, getting kids to eat orange slices and strawberries is a lot easier than persuading them to eat a serving of beets, carrots or kale. But cold-pressed Living Juice could be worth a try - and not only is it packed with vitamins, it's organic.

I like Living Juice because it’s a delicious, simple way for me to get a slew of nutrients. I think it’s something the busy mom of a picky eater might appreciate, too.

Just ask Gigi's.

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