Seasonal Fruits and Veggies That Promote Heart Health

Seasonal Fruits and Veggies That Promote Heart Health

Many Fruits and Vegetables are rich in vitamin C and are great for your heart health. All Fruits and Vegetables are standard for health, but berries are best for your heart. So, do what your mother always said and eat your fruits and veggies! Here are some of the best ones you can eat to keep your heart healthy.



Strawberries reduce LDL cholesterol and along with the other berries, they contain many antioxidants. They are known to decrease blood pressure and prevent heart disease. 


Pomegranates are another heart healthy fruit. They are a phenomenal source for lowering cholesterol and inflammation. 


Tomatoes have multiple antioxidants and help improve cardiovascular.



Beets are one of the best vegetables to combat high blood pressure. 


Carrots help with preventing clotting! If you struggle with frequent clotting, it also helps to keep it under control. Of course they also contain a lot of vitamins! 


Avocados are a fat, but a healthy fat! They are great for lowering blood pressure.


In conclusion, incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet can greatly contribute to heart health. While all fruits and vegetables are beneficial, certain ones stand out for their specific positive effects on cardiovascular well-being. Berries, including strawberries and pomegranates, are particularly noteworthy due to their ability to reduce LDL cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and provide an abundance of antioxidants. Tomatoes offer a range of antioxidants and are known to improve cardiovascular health. Among the vegetables, beets are excellent for managing high blood pressure, while carrots support blood clotting regulation and provide essential vitamins. Avocados, although high in fat, offer heart-healthy fats that can help lower blood pressure. By incorporating these fruits and vegetables into your diet, you can proactively maintain a healthy heart and overall well-being. Remember, follow your mother's advice to eat your fruits and vegetables… and drinking Living Juice (wink wink) to benefit your heart health!

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