Staying on top of your goals on vacation

Staying on Top of Your Goals While on Vacation

Vacation season is right around the corner; you probably already have your flights for spring break and may even have summer vacation booked. You want to relax, enjoy, and let loose when you're on vacation. Achieving all three while maintaining your wellness goals can be easier said than done. To help out, we looked into some of the best practices you can implement to help you do just that.

Before you book your hotel or Airbnb, don't be afraid to do some online sleuthing. Google the area and find out what restaurants you're surrounding yourself with. If you are following specific eating habits, look at what grocery stores you have in case you need alternatives. You want to be able to experience the area you are visiting as well as the local cuisine without breaking your health habits. Once you decide where you are staying, list in your notes app all the places that cater to your needs and preferences. That way, once you arrive, you're ready to chow down.


Healthy grocery shopping on vacation to help stay on top of your goals

If you want to keep movement up without breaking the bank, look for safe areas to walk (or run). Most cities will have sidewalks, trails, or other community spaces that provide a safe environment for those looking to get around the old-fashioned way. For something more adventurous, you can search online for local rental services! All these suggestions have low barriers to entry and are things you can do with your family, friends or solo!

You know what they like to say, hydrate til it hurts! Hydration is key, even when you’re on vacation! Especially in warmer climates, dehydration is more of a risk, and in the worst cases, it can lead to heatstroke. Dehydration leads to headaches and an overall lack of energy, and if you’re going to be spending money to be there, you might as well make sure you’re feeling good enough to enjoy your trip. A tip for anyone wanting to stay on track with their hydration while on vacation is to find a good reusable water bottle! Stanley Cups, hydro flasks, and YETI for the bros are all solid choices; whatever helps you get enough of that high-quality h20.


Hydration helps you make healthier overall choices

(Driving Tip) For those taking a trip by automobile, bringing groceries with you lets you control your food and, as a double bonus, frees up your vacation spending! Packing pre-made meals like Daily Harvest or Hello Fresh is a great way to keep packing easy, and they are designed to be taken on the go. To ensure you maintain your daily vitamin and mineral intake, pack some of your favorite Living Juice! Our big box is the best option for those searching for one box that has all your favorite juices. Along with these options, there are greens powders like Bloom that are packed with your daily need of vegetables and come in a powder that can be mixed into a glass of water. This is one container you can throw in your luggage and call it a day.

Finally, sleep is a top priority when trying to stay on top of your goals. Sleep is essential to your body’s natural healing process. While asleep, our body follows natural heart patterns that boost cardiovascular health. Our body is constantly releasing hormones that help our cells repair themselves. This is even more important when you are typically more “on the go,” exploring, traveling, and drinking. Sleep directly influences the strength of our immune systems, and a lack of sleep can lead to a compromised immune system and put you at a higher risk of getting sick. We’ve all been on vacation and gotten ill, so we don’t need to remind you how devastating that can be. We’re not saying you need to be in bed by nine but ensuring you sleep is crucial!

We know all of these tips are relatively simple and accessible for virtually anyone while on vacation, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work. From getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, planning, and exploring the area, there are many ways for you to maintain your health goals. Staying in a routine and maintaining your goals is not as difficult as it is often made out to be. This list is a great place to begin finding a rhythm that works for you and your desires while not taking away the fun that often accompanies vacation time! Your first step can be visiting Living Juice to mark the first item off your packing list!
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