5 Health-Happy Gifts For You

So you’ve finished your holiday shopping (we hope) and you’re on the last lap of holiday parties. How about rewarding yourself with a gift that will get your 2018 off to a healthy start? We’ve got 5 ideas for you, that also double as last-minute gifts for someone else (but hurry!).


If your job keeps you tethered to a desk for hours a day, the best thing you can do is get up and moving as often as you can. A Gaiam adjustable balance chair can also help - while you’re focused on work, it’ll engage your core, helping align the spine and relieve back pain. (About $77 on Amazon.com.)


Condensation-free Takeya 24-oz. water bottles keep cold for 24 hours, so whether you’re hiking, biking or sitting at the aforementioned desk, ice-cold refreshment will be right at hand. (About $19 on Amazon.com.)


Speaking of keeping refreshment nearby, you can kick off the new year with a juice cleanse – if you haven’t tried it yet, or want to give it as a gift to a friend (trust us, she or he will thank you), Living Juice’s 1-day cleanse is the perfect introduction to the benefits of juice cleansing. The package contains 3 flavors of organic cold-pressed Living Juice, for $60. (You can order here: https://www.drinklivingjuice.com/products/juice-cleanse.)


Foam rollers, once the secret weapon of professional athletes, coaches and massage therapists, have hit the mainstream in a big way. TriggerPoint GRID foam rollers provide muscle recovery and pain relief, and come with an instructional video and in lots of fun colors. (About $35 at Amazon.com.)


Smart home product Awair Glow lets you know whether the air you’re breathing is healthy, tracking toxins and CO2, as well as temperature and humidity. It can also turn on “non-smart” devices like an air filtration system if your air quality drops. (About $109 at Amazon.com.)


O2 Living wishes you a healthy and happy holiday! We hope to see you at our spa at Yellow Monkey Village in 2018.

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