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Watermelon-Mint Juice is Back!

Our Watermelon-Mint cold-pressed juice is back just in time for milder weather and longer days. A customer-favorite, Watermelon-Mint was gone for too long but now it’s here to stay. Add it in a cleanse box or get yourself a pack to taste just how refreshing and delicious a clean, additive-free juice can be.

What makes this once-limited release so popular? With cool mint to balance out the natural sweetness of watermelon, this juice hits like a fruity summer salad in a bottle.

But watermelon isn’t all appearance and taste– there’s some invaluable nutrients hiding behind its cherry red color. In fact, its redness is from an antioxidant called lycopene which has been shown in some studies to curb your risk of cancer and diabetes.

Watermelon is also packed with Vitamin A: one fist sized slice gives you around 11% of your daily recommended intake. You need a good amount of this stuff to help keep your eyes happy and healthy.  According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a deficiency in vitamin A can lead to night blindness, so chow down on some watermelon to help you stay sharp in low-light conditions.

This crimson fruit is also fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium free. It’s low in calories (one cup is just 45.6 calories) but has a high water content that leaves you satiated for longer.

Grab a bottle of Watermelon-Mint and try it out!

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