Why Living Juice is Kid Stuff

Why Living Juice is Kid Stuff

The American Academy of Pediatrics is advising parents to resist giving kids juice. Hard to find fault in that – bottled juice can be sweetened with juice concentrates and high fructose corn syrup. But Living Juice is very different, offering a yummy, no-sugar-added combo of fruits - plus vegetables! - packed with nutrients kids need, but don’t always get from their diets. Here are three reasons you might want to share it with your little ones come snack time.

The fruits and vegetables in Living Juice are fresh and organically grown, made with a two-step juicer that leaves in the vitamins, enzymes and minerals that promote healthy bodies. Unlike regular juice, which is often flash-heated in a process that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria while it sits on the shelf, but destroys nutrients and natural enzymes, Living Juice is pressed without heat or oxygen. Living Juice might not last as long as store-bought, but will stay fresh for 30 days – though someone will grab it long before then. 

After your kids fall in love with Living Juice – and only after – you can let it slip that that their yummy red juice has beets, and Pineapple Punch has kale. That might  (and we do mean might) just make them more adventurous about trying new veggies.

Because our recipes, which took years to perfect, have just the right balance of fruits and vegetables, Living Juice tastes like a treat. Every child’s taste is different, so test Red Radiance (strawberry, beet, apple), Carrot Kick (carrot, orange, yellow beet) and Pineapple Punch (pineapple, kale apple) and see which flavors your picky eater likes best. We don’t advise starting with Green Vitality (kale, cucumber, lemon, celery, fennel, parsley) since it doesn’t have the sweetness kids crave, though once they get in the habit of drinking Living Juice, kids might be willing to try it. Fresh Start (lemon, apple and ginger) is a little tart for tender tongues, but also worth a shot. (And speaking of shots, if you have any left over it goes great with vodka. For later.)

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