A Personal Trainer Weighs In (Ha!) On Living Juice

Robin Crawford drinks Living Juice!

Robyn Crawford is former division one basketball player and personal trainer and, as if that isn’t enough to keep her in shape, the mother of twins! We asked Robyn what she thinks of organic cold-pressed Living Juice, as well as how to make working out work best for you.

How is Living Juice different from other juices you've tried?

Living Juice is awesome! As an experienced juicer, I was totally blown away by how fresh it tastes, how pleasing to the palate and rejuvenating drinking Living Juice is! The flavors of Carrot Kick (carrot, orange, yellow beet) and Fresh Start (lemon, apple, ginger) were balanced and bracing as a top of the morning drink to start my day. I saved the cucumber, parsley and fennel (which is a favorite vegetable of mine, but one I never thought to add to a drink) for my afternoon lift. With Living Juice it's all there - you taste it and your body feels the love!

What made you decide to become a personal trainer?

I've always been a very active person, sensitive and cognizant of what I put into my body and how it reacts. I played sports in high school and college and obviously was always near or in a gym. I remembered what It felt like to be in shape, how it positively affected my mind and body. And I wanted to care for myself again in that way, and help others achieve the same results. Today the world has so many challenges, and it's more important than ever to balance that with a healthy lifestyle - mentally and physically. That's why I became a trainer.

What should clients expect from a trainer?

A trainer should be able to set a detailed workout plan based upon the client's physical abilities and needs that will ultimately help improve everyday functional activities. We as trainers have to be creative with our approach to exercise because every body is different! Trainers are not miracle workers. The trainer and client are a team. We encourage our clients to maintain a regular regimen, teach the art of progression and support the client in achieving their goals.

What workout and nutrition regimens are most likely to be effective and long-lasting?

There are 3 platforms a trainer works from: A push, pull and a squat. And this is where the fun begins! There is no one-way approach to implementing the "3." A trainer should be able to make a program tailored for the individual. Stretching still remains supreme, as do breathing exercises: 5 inhalations through both nostrils and then alternate nostril breathing does wonders for the lungs and brain.

Developing a consistent active routine that supports your lifestyle is the key to happiness. Begin with 30 minutes of cardio somewhere in your day: walking, running, stairs, swimming - whatever you prefer and slowly increase the amount of time up to about 45 minutes. Consistency is the key.

I eat carbs before cardio, juice with fresh veggies and fruits daily, and almost always add almond or peanut butter to smoothies after strength workouts. I also carry raw veggies like peppers and cucumbers and nuts for snacks.

What tips do you have for busy moms who want to eat healthy but don't have much time for food prep?

I'm a trainer and mom of 8-year-old twins! We are pescatarians. I find it's best to rotate a handful of nutritious meals and to make dinners whose leftovers can go in the lunchbox, such as couscous, cauliflower and tofu casserole, smoked trout with stoned wheat crackers and cucumbers, and beans and rice with tomatoes and peppers. Needless to say, between work, school runs, homework and after school activities, life is full. Smoothies with a plant based protein is a great snack, as are nuts.

My first rule of thumb is: spend quality time with my children. I don't let the outside forces of the world takeover our family life. We do what's best for us...family first!

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