Eating Locally Throughout Season Changes

The Importance of Eating Locally as the Season Changes

As the seasons change and we start to see signs of winter in New York, we want more substantial nutrition to get us through the approaching cold months.

But this doesn’t mean reaching for a pot roast because there are many ways to enjoy fresh, cleansing foods that are truly perks of the colder months. Our raw live juices celebrate some of the most enjoyable bounty of the fall and winter months while providing the benefit of detox from all that holiday food. Our organic, cold pressed juices are made right here in Cross River and whenever possible we source our produce from within Westchester county.

The changing of the seasons can often leave you feeling tired and worn out, a juice cleanse is the perfect way to restart your system. Those who have done cleanses believe they are a great way to increase energy, help you look better and feel great.

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