Cold Pressed Juice

There's juice, then there's cold-pressed juice.

 Once reserved for the raw-food fringe foodie and celebrity cleanses, cold-pressed juice has gone mainstream. And with good reason. Ounce for ounce, these juices are packed with more vitamins, minerals and live enzymes compared to juice made from traditional methods.

Grocery stores are stocking their shelves to adapt to growing consumer demands in the beverage industry. Thanks to the increased awareness around nutrition, cold-pressed juice has found a place in every American’s healthy diet.

Cold-Pressed Juice

As the name suggests, fresh vegetables and fruits are “pressed” so the maximum amount of nutrients are extracted. No heat or oxygen is added in this process. The result? The highest quality of raw juice available – light, delicious and full of nutrients.

Keep in mind, not all juicers are created equally. Blenders and centrifugal machines use spinning blades to chop vegetables and fruits. This creates heat and adds oxygen resulting in nutrient loss and decay.

Four Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Cold-Pressed Juice

Not your grandmother’s OJ, cold-pressed juices typically have 6 pounds of vegetables or fruits with no added water, sugar or preservatives. No longer reserved for the juice cleanse crowd, here are four reasons why you should be serving a cold-pressed juice with your next meal:

1. Wide Variety of Vegetable and Fruits

Many of us are not eating the daily-recommended daily servings of vegetables, let alone wide variety of vegetables or fruits. We tend to fall into a rut of eating the same vegetables each day. And if you have picky kids, getting them to try new vegetables with different textures can be a challenge. Cold-pressed juice adds a wide variety of vegetables and fruits to your diet, making it easy to reach the recommended daily intake.

2. Health Benefits

Cold-pressed juice provides the maximum amount of nutrients possible, making it the closest thing to eating raw vegetables and fruits. A diet consisting of 52% raw vegetables and fruits is healing and provides preventative measures against certain diseases. Many cold-pressed juice advocates report improved digestion, mental clarity, increased energy levels, clearer skin, and an improved overall sense of wellbeing.

3. 15-Minute Nutrient Express to Health

Cold-pressed juice is nutritionally dense and is absorbed by your body within 15 minutes of consuming. Solid foods can take hours to digest, whereas cold-press juice is quickly absorbed and provides instant nourishment.

4. The Taste

In addition to all of the health benefits, our drinks taste great. We continue to receive excellent feedback from our customers and industry critics on the quality of our juice. Not to mention, kids love them! You really cannot go wrong by adding our cold-pressed juices to your family’s diet. You can find Living juices in a grocery isle near you. 

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