Organic, cold-pressed juice in your child's school lunchbox!

Send your child off with an organic, cold- pressed juice

Having the children out of school for the summer can make some things tricky, but keeping an eye on what they eat is generally not one of them. With school resuming it is only natural to worry about the foods and beverages available to kids during school hours. However, sending them off to school doesn’t necessarily mean surrendering efforts to keep them healthy.

Lunchbox technology now makes it possible for children to take virtually any food that needs refrigeration to school while ensuring they will keep cool. Visit to view their line of BPA free lunch boxes which keep food and beverages refrigerated for 6 hours!

A big green salad is a tough sell to a child at lunch time but there are other ways to pack in the nutrients midday. Send one of our cold-pressed organic Living Juices in your child's lunchbox and they will receive the nutrients of multiple servings of fruits and vegetables. Each juice has a unique blend that even the pickiest palates approve of. Our raw and organic juice is never heated which means all enzymes remain and are readily available upon enjoyment!

Diced fruits and vegetables are wonderful options. If these alone don’t excite your tot, try jazzing them up with a sprinkling of cacao powder, cinnamon, shredded coconut and seeds. Also, hummus or seed and nut butters (when permitted) make for satisfying snacks.

Think outside the box and make mini sandwiches using apple discs, sunflower seed butter, granola, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

With the proper lunchbox your child can even refuel with our gluten free vegan coconut parfait.

Sending your child off with the most beneficial energy possible to get them through their day is one of the best things you can do for them. Eating habits develop at a young age, and when healthy food is prepared in a delicious and desirable way children will have an appreciation for it.


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