Lentils: A Healthy Part of Your Raw Food Diet

If you assumed that lentils couldn’t be part of your raw diet lifestyle, you’re going to love what comes next. 

One of the oldest foods on earth, lentils are a nutrient dense legume that should be enjoyed by everyone. Lentils can be consumed as part of a raw food diet thanks to a process known as sprouting, during which the lentils are soaked until tender enough to consume. Given the toughness of this particular legume however, lentils can also be heated to a temperature of 112 without losing their nutritional value – surprise!

Lentils: Earth’s First Super Food

Lentils, one of nature’s most powerful super foods, are an incredible source of whole-body goodness. Packed with an incredible amount of fibre, lentils help prevent constipation and other digestive disorders. Significant amounts of folate and magnesium also make lentils a heart healthy food, helping to lower cholesterol and greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. Finally, lentils contain high amounts of iron, which supports the flow of oxygen and plays a large role in the production of energy and the maintenance of a healthy metabolism.

Healthy Living with Lentils

Packed with protein and very little fat, lentils are a great way to round out a balanced diet. In fact, a whopping 26% of lentil’s calories come from protein, making them a delicious food for weight control and living an overall healthy lifestyle. Last but not least, with approximately 230 calories found in one cup of cooked lentils, this little legume packs quite the satisfying punch and can help control snacking and cravings in-between meals.

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