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Can CBD Help With Bruising?

There are so many reported benefits of CBD. So many, in fact, that the process of testing and confirming all reports takes ages. Because of this, there isn’t extensive research on the effects of CBD on bruising. Luckily, we do have plenty of anecdotal evidence and early research that supports reports that CBD helps with bruising. 

What is Bruising? 

We’ve all taken a nasty spill before. Whether it’s a swollen, purple sprained ankle or just a small bump from running into a table corner, everybody is familiar with bruising. Also called contusions, bruises appear when blunt-force trauma causes capillaries to burst underneath the skin. Swelling, along with the characteristic blue and purple hues, is common as well. Treatment usually involves the RICE method of recovery: Rest, Immobilize, Cold, Elevate. 

How Can CBD Help?

A study showed that CBD acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. In rats, CBD gel significantly reduced joint swelling. The study concluded that topical CBD application has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviors and inflammation without evident side-effects. Applied on bruises, many have reported that swelling subsides.

Another review assessed CBD’s effects on chronic pain. The conclusion was that not only does CBD help in mitigating pain, it also does so with no observable side effects. In fact, that might be the most important part of the CBD offering– all benefits, no side effects. 

How to Use CBD to Help with Bruising

Like the study in rats showed, applying CBD directly onto the skin can be effective in delivering the compound directly to the source of the inflammation. O2 Living’s Intensive Relief Rub is the perfect mechanism to deliver CBD right to the source.

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