Improve Your Mood With Living Juice

Improve Your Mood With Living Juice

Looking to slowly but surely improve your mood? No one has a perfect year, month, week, or even day. Improving your daily mood is a process that changes each day with your diet and productivity. Finding a natural way to balance your mood can then contribute to your physical and mental health. One key way to begin the process of improving your mood is to invest in Living Juice and start drinking cold-pressed juices. 


Improving your mood has become a hot topic of discussion. If you're an avid social media “doom-scroller” you’ve probably seen numerous ways to increase productivity and your overall mood. Some of these may be obvious such as working out once a day, avoiding unnecessary screen time, and waking up early. 

But what about your diet? Eating healthy doesn’t just mean focusing on the foods on your dinner plate, but also the ingredients in the drinks you are consuming everyday. Avoiding sodas, coffee, and processed juices and switching to cold-pressed juices is the way to go! At Living Juice we offer 5 different delicious cold-pressed juices packed with vitamins that are sure to improve your mood! 

Cold green juice


Learn to improve your physical health with the help of our all natural and organic cold-pressed juices. Our juices are packed with essential daily vitamins that you may be missing from your day to day intake, especially if you are not a veggie lover. The following six vitamins (plus more!) can be found in our juices:

  • Vitamin A - essential for nutrition and regeneration of white blood cells. 
  • Vitamin B1 - essential for heart functions and maintaining a healthy brain and intestines. 
  • Vitamin B2 - essential in energy production and reducing inflammation of nerves. 
  • Vitamin B6 - essential in maintaining production of nerve and immune systems.
  • Vitamin C - essential nutrient for maintaining strong bones, muscles, and blood vessels.
  • Vitamin E - enhances immune and heart systems. 

Making sure you are not deficient in the intake of these vitamins can be a great first step to improving your overall mood. Drinking your vitamins can be just one easy way to make sure you are getting all your essential mood-boosting vitamins in one sip in one day. 


Even though your physical health is important to upkeep, your mental health is just as important, or maybe even more-so. Mental health acts as a driving force in determining your day to day mood. Feeling happy, sad, excited, depressed, nervous, or anxious? Often time when our mood is low, we turn to our favorite comfort foods. Fueled by sugar and high-fats, comfort foods such as cakes and french fries can actually cause us to feel worse than we did before. Certain foods, such as organic and natural fruits and vegetables, have the opposite effect to promote brain, heart, and gut health. When our bodies consume these food groups, we produce more serotonin and dopamine which are two neurotransmitters responsible for the brain’s regulation of mood and emotions. 

Your new favorite comfort food or drink just might lie with Living Juice.  

Begin your day with a short workout and a Living Juice in hand. For getting an extra kick to your day, our Green Vitality juice will do just that. Packed with kale, cucumber, lemon, celery, fennel, and parsley, your body and mind will feel more cleansed and ready for the day after just one sip. 

Enjoy lunch out with a friend (seeing the people you love will always improve your mood!) with our Fresh Start. Packed with lemon, apple, and ginger juice, end your afternoon with an easy and smooth digestion. Naturally get a second wave of good energy to continue your day. 

End your day with a reminder to your body and mind to soak up all the natural and energy-boosting red fruits and veggies. Red vegetables, in particular, reduce high cholesterol which can help improve mood swings. Our Red Radiance is made of pressed strawberries, beets, and red apple juices, working to boost your everyday health and wellness.

Cold pressed juices

Build your own box of our juices to begin seeing an improvement in your daily mood.
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