Ready to try a juice cleanse? Read this first.

So you’ve decided to do a juice cleanse. Good for you! Whether you want to break from bad habits, rehydrate your body, kick start weight loss, or detox, a cleanse can do wonders. And organic cold-pressed Living Juice – with no water or sugar added – offers maximum flavor as well as nutritional punch. But before you get started (and check with your doctor if you have a health issue like diabetes), consider these recommendations to optimize the experience. 

Organic cold-pressed Living Juice Cleanse - what to know before you begin

Do a pre-cleanse.

Ease into the cleanse. If you’re a healthy eater already, just a day or two of a pre-cleanse is enough to get your body raring to go. On the other hand, if Pringles are your go-to snack and your fridge is filled with soda, give yourself 7 days to work your way into a cleanse.

During this phase, drink more water, and cut back on caffeine (you don’t need to eliminate coffee altogether, but try switching to low-acid cold brew). Stick to a plant-based diet during the 2 days pre-cleanse, and eliminate processed foods. And add at least one serving of raw fruits and veggies per day to your diet.

Warm water with lemon in preparation for cold-pressed Living Juice cleanse

Drink warm water with lemon juice every morning.

This is one habit to stick with even after your cleanse. Warm water with fresh lemon flushes out toxins and aids the digestive system. Lemons contain pectin fibre, which promotes colon health, and are a great source of vitamin C. And that’s just for starters.  Natural supplements like proteolytic enzymes and flower essence can also be added to assist with the cleanse experience – for more check out the Living Juice protocol.

Drink juice every 1-1.5 hours during your cleanse.

Living Juice is so robust and filling, you might be tempted to skip a bottle in the regimen. Don’t! Missing a juice could leave you hungry later, and play games with your blood sugar. Don’t deprive yourself of all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals in every serving.

You did it! Now what?

You finished the cleanse. You feel rejuvenated, look vibrant and are full of energy. Congratulations! But don’t destroy all the good you’ve done your body by ordering a cheeseburger and fries washed down with beer. Your digestive system has been at rest; too much red meat, dairy, fried foods, alcohol and processed foods will be a shock to the system. Your post-cleanse diet should include lots of fruits and veggies (it will be surprisingly fun to crunch on a carrot after days of not chewing!) – and keep hydrating with water.

Ready to break the cycle of craving foods that are bad for you, and set yourself on the path to a healthier lifestyle? You’ll find more info on juice cleanses here.


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