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A Short Guide to New Years Resolutions


New Year’s resolutions are tough. The activewear brand Sundried conducted a study that revealed staggering findings regarding just how difficult they are. Of the 4,000 people they surveyed, 43% of them expected to give up their new year's resolutions before February. Why are we even making resolutions if nearly half of us already believe it’s a lost cause?

Perhaps we expect to fail in our resolutions because we are aware of how easy it is to do so. Oftentimes we just forget, and other times we deliberately give up. But don't be daunted, resolutions can be a handy self-improvement and wellness tool. Here's a few ways to stick to them and take full advantage.


Write it Down

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Writing your goals down seems like a simple and repetitive piece of self-improvement canon but it is reiterated so often for good reason. If your New Year's resolutions are put only in your head, they will be forgotten and disregarded easier. Using a calendar, for example, and placing it somewhere you look every morning is a no-nonsense way to ensure that you meet your resolutions. It is hard to ignore a reminder in your own handwriting.



Don't Do it Alone

If your resolution requires solitude then of course you won't want company, but otherwise having a partner or group to work with can make achieving goals less intimidating. Runners often enjoy training in groups because the people around you serve as motivators. Groups also choose times and commit to them, solidifying it in their schedule. By having other people trusting your commitment, you'll find more motivation to continue. 



Break it Up

If your goal is to run a marathon (an impressive example), you do not train immediately for 26.2 miles. You first work up to a mile, then a 5k, and so on until you are fit enough to complete the whole thing. The marathon, a lofty goal for many, must be seen not as one hulking task but as a summation of a bunch of not-so-scary, very doable hurdles. A goal of any size, no matter how small, can be broken up to be that much more manageable. Always remember that pride in the process is important, so pat yourself on the back each time you reach a new milestone on your way to your full resolution. 

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