healthy living

Food for the Soul

Nourishing your body with the right foods is important, but spiritual wellness can be less about what you take in tha...

A Clean Approach

A baffling health condition led to a new approach to life for holistic wellness coach Sarah Wragge. Now, she feels "n...

Spring Cleansing

Your closets aren't the only thing that might need a good spring cleaning. If you're considering a rejuvenating colon...

Granola: The Not-Necessarily-Healthy Health Food

Granola is marketed as a health food, but given the loads of sugar in many brands, you’d be better off with a Krispy ...

Cleaning Up

I’ll join the chorus of juice cleanse advocates – detoxing has its benefits. It’s not a miracle cure, and it’s not fo...

Bottoms Up!

Last week, a friend offered to throw me a surprise party for my birthday (I love surprises, especially when I know ab...

Beat the Burn

It’s difficult to deny- we all enjoy eating. When it comes to something we care for so much we shouldn’t have to worr...

Healthy Holiday Remixes!

 Our holiday gift to you this year is a healthy remix of your favorite classic dishes!

The Balanced Blonde x Living Juice

 Read what The Balanced Blonde had to say about our juices!

Winter Wonderland of Fruits and Vegetables

  Tis always the season for fresh fruits and vegetables! This winter treat your family and friends (and self!) to the...

Benefits of Chlorophyll

We've been hearing a lot about chlorophyll recently - but what are the benefits? Click to read more about why you sho...
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