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Weight For It: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays - and Still Have Fun

You can have fun this holiday season and come out healthier than ever. Here's how.

Some Like it Hot

Infrared hot yoga has all the benefits of yoga – and then some. O2 Living offers classes to soothe and improve mind, ...

Get the Dirt on 6 Health Myths

When it comes to nutrition and exercise (and eggs), what's myth and what's reality?

An A(pple) to Z(ucchini) Guide to Storing Fruits and Vegetables

Storing food properly means comparing, well, apples and oranges.

To Get a Bridal Body, You Don't Mess Around

"Brides need to focus and get results FAST," says Sarah Wragge. Here's how the nutrition and wellness expert gets he...

Take Heart! Eat An Apple

Apples – and apple-picking – are as much a part of autumn as school supplies and raking leaves. But there’s more to t...

Not Too Hot to Handle

I once had a sauna in my house, and I never used it. Now I wish I had.

My Carrot Kick

Turns out our moms, and those old wives who told tales, were right about the health benefits of carrots. And they pro...

The Maine Event

Blueberries and I go way back. They can help protect against aging, cancer, and heart disease, and even improve memo...

Spa Birthday

My daughter and I found a different kind of spa experience at o2 Living.

The Buddy System

Teaming with a friend makes a workout not feel like work.

6 Steps for Getting in Summer Shape

The path to clean living may be easier than you think.
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