Why you can (and should) drink Living Juice while pregnant

Once you find out you’re pregnant you start to wonder about all the things that will change in your day to day life from maintaining your morning jog to eating your favorite sandwich. Are all these okay for your baby? One of the things you can rest assured that is safe to continue or even start is juicing. Living Juice juices are made with 100% organic fruits and vegetables with no water or sugar added ever.

Consuming healthy fruits and vegetables to ensure you are receiving your daily vitamins and minerals are important but are even more so when you’re pregnant. An easy and delicious way to do so is juicing. Our juices are full of vital minerals and vitamins to help support your health, your health and your growing baby. Ingredients like carrots that improve eye health and lower cholesterol. Beets regulate blood pressure and fight inflammation, apples improve gut health and kale is rich in Vitamin A, folate and omega 3 fatty acids. That just names a few of our organic ingredients we incorporate into our juices. 

Red and green cold pressed juice
If you haven’t tried juicing yet or you are a regular juicer and want to maintain your healthy habits we encourage you to get started (or keep going). Keeping yourself and your baby healthy throughout this time is important.