“That Girl” Healthy Spring Morning Rituals

“That Girl” Healthy Spring Morning Rituals

So, you’ve decided you want to become “that girl” - pampering yourself with the latest trends and becoming the most confident version of yourself. Others will aspire to be you, but how do we get there? Maybe you want to improve your daily mood or work harder on finding that spirit of self confidence. 

Transforming into “that girl” begins with a healthy and productive morning routine. Make time to find your favorite morning habits - and stick to them! However, it's no secret that mornings can be slow and miserable. Even if you are not a traditional morning person, you’ve come to the right place to begin exploring what your new routine may look like. 


Why should you even have a good morning routine? Shouldn’t I just sleep in as late as possible to feel more refreshed? Nope. 

Your body and mind will thank you a million times over if you dedicate at least two hours in the morning to set purposeful intentions through exercise, food, and doing the things you love to reach that goal of transforming into “that girl”. 

Having a healthy morning routine will actually increase the two most important daily P’s - productivity and positivity! We often feel guilty or defeated when we do not have a full productive day, but beginning with a simple morning routine can drastically improve the start to your day as well as the hours that follow.


The best way to actually follow through with a morning routine is to not set unrealistic expectations with yourself. Telling yourself you will wake up at 5am and complete a two hour workout while simultaneously making a kale smoothie finished off with a skincare routine is unrealistic. Each of these things can be done, but at different hours and by themselves. The thought of always being that happy-go-lucky person in the morning can be intimidating. Take our advice slowly and don’t be too hard on yourself if you cannot complete each step. Remember, you are still “that girl”!


Starting your morning off right will set the tone for the rest of your day. In fact, waking up during the late morning and afternoon hours will make you feel less rested and more drowsy. Your body may need only 4-5 hours to fully function, or it may need 8. Take time to figure out your sleep cycle and how many hours you really need to have a functioning day. 

Going to bed around the same hour every night will help remind your body of the hour it needs to wake up. If you’ve recently been hitting the pillow at 12am, but then stay up on your phone for another hour, try turning off all devices by 11pm and setting your alarm for 8am. You may not wake up ready to go the very first time, but a consistent routine will help your body get used to this new change. Don’t give up!


What they say is true. “That girl” will always be seen with a Living Juice in her hand. 

Fueling your body with all natural and organic ingredients first thing in the morning can be a great way to actually feel more awake and energized. Consuming fruits will wake up your body and boost your metabolism. Since fruits are easy to digest, your body’s metabolism rates will increase with natural sugars. In fact, drinking your fruits will get you there faster. 

Living Juices are made with no added sugars, sweeteners, or water. It’s 100% cold-pressed juice and 100% “that girl” approved. With organic ingredients such as lemon, kale, beets, carrots, and ginger, you’ll find your body craving a new blend of fruits each morning.

Order your fresh juices today to make your morning something to look forward to.


Begin by throwing on your favorite morning playlist or curate a brand new playlist of chill morning tunes. We recommend easy Lofi beats to calmly wake your brain up or a record from Lizzo to encourage self love! 

If you cannot complete a full hour workout daily, that’s ok! Consider taking it in baby steps and begin by creating a simple stretch routine everyday. Even just dedicating time to your body through stretching can tremendously improve the start of your day. Releasing tension at the beginning of your day so that you're not carrying it around with you into the afternoon is just one way to improve your mood and set a new routine for spring. 

Girl holding a bottle

If you are ready to get a bit more sweat on, make friends with the treadmill. 

“That girl” will always, and I mean always, do the 12-3-30 workout. This quick but high intensity walk will help the time fly by and by then you're already halfway done with your morning gym sesh! To complete the last thirty minutes of your workout, focus on building arm and leg strength with lighter 5-pound weights and exercise bands. 


Now that you’ve got a great morning routine planned, you’re on your way to becoming “that girl” for spring. However, it's easy to forget about being “that girl” once the morning is over. It’s officially the afternoon hours and a bit of laziness is creeping in…don’t let it win! 

Continue your spirit of productivity! Your productive morning just sets the tone for the rest of the day and you cannot let it go to waste. If you have the day off, consider following through with any cleaning or laundry that you’ve been putting off. Your body and mind are already up and ready to go, so why not push through. 

Talk to people you love! Spending quality time with the most important people around you actually increases your dopamine levels and boosts your overall happiness. Social interaction can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if our social batteries are already getting low from a long week. A quick Facetime chat with your mom, sibling, or best friend plus a Living Juice in hand is the best way to end the day!

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