Why You Should Try Infrared Yoga

Adding heat to your yoga regimen is nothing new, but there is a new player in the heat source mix – infrared.

Rather than heating the room and increasing humidity like we do in hot yoga, infrared heaters convert light into heat, warming the objects and students in the room without forcing the increased temperature of the surrounding air.

If you’ve ever tried hot yoga you know the high temperatures can be very extreme but with infrared, the room only gets hot when you do.

Infrared heat gets absorbed deep into the body tissues and the warmth is wonderful for joint/muscle pain and improving flexibility.

Alison Aronson, one of our hot yoga instructors, is an expert on the topic. Be sure to check out one of her upcoming classes and see the benefits for yourself. 

She reports that many of our yoga members here in Cross River, say that the detoxification results are their favorite when it comes to infrared benefits. The heat waves cause the toxins and impurities to expel from the body in the form of sweat – leaving your skin glowing and metabolism roaring.

Speaking of getting your metabolism going - adding organic, cold pressed juices to your routine is a great way to optimize the benefits of your healthy lifestyle.  Our Living Fresh Start juice is a great after-yoga refresher. 

Do you have any detox or metabolism-boosting tips? We'd love to hear them from you in the comments below! 

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