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A Sneaky Way That Red Meat May Be Effecting Your Health

Caramelization and Red Meat: An Unexpected Health Issue

For some, meat is a daily staple. For others, like vegans or vegetarians, it isn’t even on the menu. But much of the world consumes it regularly. And while humans may be naturally omnivorous, our knowledge of growing populations, changing climates, and new studies like this one out of the University of South Australia are perhaps framing meat in a different light-- one that considers implications aside from palette satisfaction. 

In partnership with the Gyeongsang National University, researchers at the University of South Australia found that the caramelization on a seared steak can be detrimental to our health

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Dr Permal Deo of the UniSA summarizes the findings: “when red meat is seared at high temperatures it creates compounds called advanced glycation end products -- or AGEs -- which when consumed, can accumulate in your body and interfere with normal cell functions”.

While the study showed that red meat can accelerate vascular and myocardial stiffening, inflammation, and oxidative stress, there is still more research to be done to solidify the link. What is sure, however, is that a diet high in red meat will alter levels of these AGEs-- a protein compound known to accumulate in our cells and cause problems. 

So before you reach for a ribeye, consider cooking up some whole grains and washing them down with a delicious bottle of cold pressed juice from Living Juice. No AGEs, no caramelization, and no additives make for a tasty, vegan, healthy meal.

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