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Antioxidants: A Simplified Explanation

We hear the term “Antioxidant” constantly. It’s slapped on the side of sports drink bottles and touted in descriptions of acai bowls. But what actually are antioxidants? What is their function and why are they good for us? 


Let’s keep it simple: An antioxidant is a very broad term for any compound that can neutralize unstable molecules called free radicals. 

Free Radicals

“Free radical” is another general term. A free radical is any molecule that lacks a full stock of electrons, making it unstable. Because they don’t have enough electrons, they’re constantly searching for other electrons to steal, resulting in extensive damage to any molecule that gets robbed.

antioxidant-  O2 Living blog makers of organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable Living Juice

Free radicals have the ability to damage DNA, membranes, nuclei, and other parts of healthy cells. They aren’t always bad-- sometimes our body actually uses free radicals as a sort of defense mechanism to destroy viruses and bacteria. However often the body produces them as a side effect of pollutes like tobacco smoke, UV rays, and toxic waste in water and air. Antioxidants are important because they have electrons that they can afford to give away, effectively subduing free radicals.

Where to Get Antioxidants

Basically, “antioxidant” isn’t a nutrient but instead it’s a characteristic of a chemical or molecule. And they’re certainly important-- we are constantly producing free radicals that need an army of antioxidants to switch them off. 

Plants, especially fruits and vegetables, are a fantastic source of antioxidants. Our cold-pressed juice is a delicious, organic, fresh way to stock up on enough antioxidants to keep free radicals at bay. Try a bottle of LivingJuice today to feel the difference!

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