Healthy habits with pressed juice

Healthy Living Starts with Healthy Eating

Healthy living is something that everyone wants to achieve, but it can be challenging to decide where to start. Diet, exercise, or sleep? Although striving to improve all of these is the ultimate goal, choosing one to focus on and working up incrementally is easier. Keep reading below for some entry level tips to start your healthy eating habit.  

Diet Culture

Diet culture can be dangerous, and you'll have a better experience if you understand how it works before getting too far down the rabbit hole. The basis of diet culture is that there is a social expectation for how we should eat and look. It promotes the idea that if our bodies look a certain way – we are more accepted and vice versa. This way of thinking can be problematic and, in extreme cases, leads to eating disorders. It may feel discouraging when starting your research. You'll see many companies with claims of instant results and unattainable long-term goals, all backed up by crazy transformation pictures. Ignore those: there isn't any one correct diet or lifestyle. What works for someone may not work for you. There will be some trial and error but thats all just a part of the process.

Start with the Basics

The first is to reduce your calorie intake. Although this doesn’t need to be a drastic change, reducing your calorie intake by 200 calories per meal can help you lose weight, and your body can still get the energy it needs. 

Food Choices Matter

Reducing calorie intake is important, but picking nutritious foods is even more important. Replacing processed foods with real fruits and vegetables can be vital for a healthy life. This will help you feel fuller for longer while giving you more nutrients. Using Living Water products to get an extra intake of vitamins and minerals is an excellent option. Our 5 different flavors offer you options to get a bonus of vegetables/fruits into your daily diet. 

  • Red Radiance (Apple, Beet, Strawberry)
  • Carrot Kick (Carrot, Orange, Yellow Beet)
  • Fresh Start (Lemon, Apple, Ginger)
  • Pineapple Punch (Pineapple, Kale, Apple)
  • Green Vitality (Kale, Cucumber, Lemon, Celery, Fennel, Parsley)


Living Juice product lineup

Why Eat Healthier?

Why should healthy eating be a priority? Eating healthy can help boost your metabolism. A more nutritious diet leads to clearer skin, fewer future health problems, better sleep, improved mood, and a healthier body.

Health Benefits of Living Juice’s Drinks


Red Radiance

Carrot Kick

Fresh Start

Green Vitality

Pineapple Punch

Health benefits

  • cleanse the body
  • feel more refreshed
  • keep body clean
  • helps body fight off infections
  • promotes healthy skin and metabolism
  • promotes eye health and function
  • lower cholesterol and blood pressure 
  • pH balancer and reduces acidity
  • supports a healthy heart
  • natural boost of energy
  • help keep the body clean
  • helps fight off infection
  • full of vitamins B1, B6, K and C
  • trace minerals of manganese and copper

What Fruits and Vegetables have the greatest impact?

  • Spinach
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Blueberries

Carrots and sweet potatoes can help maintain healthy eyesight and boost your immune system. Spinach is beneficial for nerve and muscle function. Blueberries help form blood vessels and boost your immune health

How to Start Eating Healthier

Alright, you've bought all the fruits and vegetables to get a healthier lifestyle. You have a refrigerator full of fresh produce, but let’s be honest- You aren’t going to eat an entire head of broccoli for a snack. Now comes the crucial part of sticking with good habits. Find new ways to create healthy snacks. Plenty of recipes can be found online that are quick and easy!

Build your Habit!

The first step to building a habit is setting a goal. Write down a goal you want to accomplish. You must pick a goal that is reachable in a short time. Once you choose a goal, create a list of small gradual steps that will help you reach the goal.


  • Unachievable Goal: Eat healthier (this goal is too broad.)
  • Achievable Goal: Reduce the amount of sugar intake


  1. Select one type of sugary snack to get rid of
  2. In replacement, buy a favorite fruit

Other Tips for Healthy Living

Consider a juice cleanse if you have used all of these tips before and still struggle to pick healthy alternatives. A juice cleanse can help reduce your cravings for sweets and can help detox the body of toxins. 

Juice Cleanse

What even is a juice cleanse? A juice cleanse is a diet consisting only of drinking juices for a certain number of days. It can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. These cleanses can help reduce your cravings for processed foods and filter out toxins from your body. Afterward, you may feel refreshed, cleansed, and ready to start anew. It can also help decrease your desire for sugary foods.

Living Juice’s Cleanse

Although the idea of a juice cleanse sounds relatively straightforward, it can be difficult to know where to start. At Living Juice, we simplify the process when beginning a cleanse. Our 5 flavors we currently sell can be packaged into a personalized box!! 

Build a Box Service

Living Juice specifically offers a service called “Build a Box,” which allows you to personalize your order for the flavors you want! It’s very simple and can be completed in 3 steps!

Step One: Pick a case size

  • 6 bottles
  • 8 bottles
  • 12 bottles
  • 18 bottles
  • 24 bottles

Step Two: pick any combination of flavors

  • Red Radiance
  • Carrot Kick
  • Pineapple Punch
  • Fresh Start
  • Green Vitality

Step Three: pick one-time order or repeated delivery

  • Subscribe and save 15% with a repeated delivery


Living Juice pressed juice juice cleanse - create your own box

What’s in Living Juice

A juice cleanse may sound like a big deal, but it can easily be managed. What’s in these juices anyway? First, Living Juice has no added sugars, sweeteners, or water! Juices are created in our juicer with all organic fruits and vegetables. All of our juices are cold pressed, which is a process that maximizes the concentration of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes. 

  • We recommend consuming juice within 3-4 days after opening. 

Healthy Living, Healthy Eating: Achievable?

Knowing where to start may be overwhelming and confusing, but know that you can do it! It all starts with forming healthy habits on a consistent, daily basis. Healthy living is easier said than done, but it is possible! It takes dedication and discipline. Putting in the required effort will be worth it. If you mess up habit-building and miss a day… it's okay! The important thing is to not slip back into old routines. Shake off the bad day and start over again the next day. Set your goals and start living healthier!

Ready to jump start your healthy living? Grab a cold-pressed juice from Living Juice today!
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