women getting exercise by running outside

5 Benefits of Running

Building a healthier lifestyle doesn't just stop at the food you eat. What you put in your body is very important, but an exercise routine, mental health, and hobbies are just as essential to building a better you. One lifestyle change many embark on when beginning a new healthy lifestyle journey is running. We all know running is an excellent form of exercise, but it’s more than just a means to look and feel better. Let’s dive into some of the greater unknown benefits of running. 

women getting exercise by running up stairs

Increased strength and stability in the joints

Running is an incredible way to help ensure your joints are strong and that they get stronger daily! Running compresses and releases your knee cartilage which helps fluid circulate in your knees and bring more oxygen to your joints. This nourishes your joints and removes harmful toxins. Over time this builds healthier, stronger joints and decreases your chance of bone injuries as you age.

Immune system boost

Running helps flush bacteria out of your airway and lungs, which reduces your chance of becoming ill—running causes positive changes to your white blood cells, which are the front-line fighters of infections and bacteria. 


Blood pressure disease prevention

As you run, your arteries contract and expand, helping your arteries stay healthy and functioning to their best potential. Running also makes your heart stronger by decreasing the pressure on arteries. Over time, this ensures adequate artery function, decreasing your chance of developing blood pressure conditions.


Balanced mental health

When you run, your body releases chemicals that positively affect your mood. These endorphins and serotonin flow throughout your body and cause a feel-good sensation. Over time and with consistency, your body will accustom itself to these “feel-good” hormones and their effects, improving your mental health over time!


Increased bone density

When you run, your body is put under a state of stress. More specifically, your skeletal system is under pressure. When this happens, your body signals for minerals to be sent to these bones to support them. These additional minerals, which would otherwise not be released, help strengthen your bones and, over time, increase their density. This prevents bone fractures and helps your skeletal system become stronger with age.

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