Ladies Night

I wasn’t sure what to expect at O2 Living’s Ladies Night. I’ve never been to a holistic wellness center, and worried running off to one in the middle of a frenetic work week wouldn’t be the best use of my time, even if they did have free wine.

But it was.

Though the event was advertised as a way to try something new with the support of friends, I arrived friendless (thanks Susan, Amy, Liz, Alison and Joyce for being “busy”). But the event was also promoted as an opportunity to make new friends, and indeed the group of women there was approachable and supportive. It was fun trading tips and phone numbers (so long, Susan, Amy, Liz, Alison and Joyce) as we waited for our mini chair massages.

Speaking of, the wait was worth it for five minutes in a chair with massage therapist Jackie Meyers. I’d be happy to interrupt a frenetic week of work for a longer version of that.


Same goes for my little brush with reflexology. Eva Vaughan explained why what she
was doing to my feet felt nothing like what goes on in the nail salon. Something about reflex points, organs, nervous systems and whatnot.

 More of that and one of Eva'a facials, please.

There were sessions on yoga and guided imagery, too. And food, of course. Healthy, of course. And I finally got to try Living Juice’s newest flavor of cold-pressed juice, Pineapple Punch.

I had so many free samples of it I forgot to drink the wine.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure I’d fit in at a holistic wellness center, the definition of which I had to Google before I left the house. And I’m pretty sure even if I could fit in the cute clothes they had in the store, I wouldn’t like what I saw in the mirror.

 But maybe, if I keep going, eventually I will.

- Lynn

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