healthy eating

Healthy Holiday Remixes!

 Our holiday gift to you this year is a healthy remix of your favorite classic dishes!

The Balanced Blonde x Living Juice

 Read what The Balanced Blonde had to say about our juices!

Winter Wonderland of Fruits and Vegetables

  Tis always the season for fresh fruits and vegetables! This winter treat your family and friends (and self!) to the...

Benefits of Chlorophyll

We've been hearing a lot about chlorophyll recently - but what are the benefits? Click to read more about why you sho...

Have a Case of the Rumbles? Here are 5 Foods to Improve Your Digestive Health

In honor of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Month, here are five foods that will help improve your digestive health!

Renew yourself! Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Try a Juice Fast

Spring isn't just for cleaning your house! Detox your insides with a juice fast that will boost your energy and read...

10 Foods for Healthier Looking Skin

You already know that choosing the right foods make you feel good on the inside.  A healthy diet promotes things lik...

No-Bake Raw Apple & Pear Crisp - A Healthy Holiday Dessert!

Maintaining your healthy lifestyle during the holidays can be tough... and since we know it’s hard to ignore those de...

The Healing Power of Plant Based Food

There has been more and more evidence of the healing power of antioxidants. Beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, vita...

The Food We Love Most - MSG Could Be a Factor

A recent study conducted by the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill confirmed what animal studies have hinted at fo...

Weight Loss 101

These days it seems that there is an endless number of dieting tactics and plans that promise to finally bring the re...
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