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Quick Tips for Fending Off Covid-19

Throughout this pandemic health professionals have advised extensive hand-washing, mask wearing, and social distancing. These are all necessary steps to at least reduce the risk of viral spread, but they are not the only measures we can take to stay safe. 

The masks and the distancing are external means for slowing transmission, but we also often neglect that we can control our activity and intake, two factors that are paramount for immune health. A healthy immune system is more likely to have the capabilities to fight off a disease. Here are some steps, according to the University of Maryland Medical System, to give yourself an edge:


Try to get over 2 ½ hours per week of moderate exercise. Getting the heart pumping and blood flowing has a laundry list of benefits, from a healthier heart to weight loss. With less weight and fewer heart issues to worry about, the body’s immune system can concentrate on fending off coronavirus.woman weightlifting- O2 Living blog makers of organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable Living Juice


A balanced and clean diet provides your white blood cells with everything they need to defend your body.

Quality sleep

Sleep is our recovery cycle-- it allows us to recharge and provides a necessary burst of energy. When you feel tired, your body’s defenses are weakened. Stay rested!

Reducing alcohol consumption and smoking

Drugs like alcohol and nicotine-filled smoke can be like poison to your body. While your lungs and stomach try to deal with these toxins, they are less likely to be effective in keeping Covid-19 at bay.

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