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Three Easy Ways to Cleanse the Mind and Body

Post labor day, with full stomachs and a drained social battery, it’s important to take some time for yourself in order to bring yourself peace. Because the mind and body are so deeply connected, we’ll look at three cleansing strategies that incorporate both systems for maximum effect. We often brush off these easy self-care routines because they just don’t seem that important, but those who swear by them can attest to their effectiveness. It can’t hurt to give them a try. 

Go for a Stroll

This one is as simple as it gets: a walk. Pick a nearby trail to get out of the bustle of everyday life or, if that’s not your speed, just open the front door and move your feet. Try and stick it out for longer than thirty minutes-- you’ll notice yourself getting into a rhythm that settles the mind and calms the soul. Try to leave your phone at home or put in on silent. Without the constant distraction of notifications tugging at your attention, you can take in everything around you. We often forget to appreciate the little things in life: a falling leaf in early autumn or a pleasant breeze rustling the treetops. You don’t need an agenda to go on a walk-- you can just, well, walk. Go where you want, notice what you can, and breathe in the simplicity of existence. A walk can help you do all of this.


Drink a Gallon of Water

Not something to shoot for everyday as too much water can actually be a bad thing (look up water intoxication, a real condition that comes from overhydration), drinking a gallon of water is more of a reset exercise than a routine. Water is the cornerstone of life, and it allows your body to execute all of its normal daily functions that help us feel good. With organs hydrated and muscles lubricated, you can shake off any post labor day sluggishness. Plus, it’s a fun little challenge that’ll benefit your body. 

Pick Up a Book

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Reading a book is a fantastic routine for mental health. This isn’t just because you’ll learn something-- it’s also a form of meditation. Books, unlike reading an article on your computer or scrolling on your phone, are devoid of distractions. With a single task to focus on-- reading-- your brain will settle into a calming rhythm that is sure to leave you feeling calm and satisfied. You don’t need to read a lot, but incorporating it into daily life is a surefire way to improve concentration and reduce anxiety.

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