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Tips on Returning to Exercise

Routines are not always permanent. Vacations, sickness, or work can interrupt an exercise regimen. Perfection, however, is not the goal here. What’s important is that you get back to your schedule safely after a lapse. 

Exactly how you return to exercise is incredibly important. After a period of inactivity, your body simply won’t be as acclimated to exercise as it once was. Whether running, resistance training, or specializing in a sport, it’s imperative that you take it easy in the initial training stages. 

Learn from Runners

Runners have a particularly simple and effective rule-of-thumb: begin at 50% of what you were doing before, then increase intensity by 10% each week. “Intensity” has various meetings depending on goals and sport. When weightlifting, for example, this can mean increasing weight, reps, or speed.

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Stick to the Familiar

Avoid trying out new activities in the first few weeks of your reintroduction to exercise. Shocking your body with the unfamiliar is a recipe for disaster. Instead, stick to what you know. 

Plan, Plan, Plan

Remain vigilant about planning your workouts- it’s easier to do things right when they’re explicitly written out. Do not skip warmups and cool-downs, your body needs to acclimate to exercise in the short term as well as the long term.

Track how you feel during workouts. If you’re feeling extra detail-oriented, log your heart rate as well. With details like these in your arsenal, you can more meticulously plan your intensity ramp-up.

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