A Word on Morning Routines

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You hear all the time about the efficacy of a morning routine. Successful people, happy people, and healthy people often tout the benefits of a strict regimen when they wake. But this massive component of consistent wellness is often skipped not because people don’t know what to do, but because it’s simply just so hard to do it. Everyone is aware that waking up early, having a nutritious breakfast, and taking some time for yourself is better than the alternative of sleeping late and skipping an important meal. Getting yourself to actually do this day in and day out, however, is another story. Waking up groggy and exhausted certainly makes it more difficult to perform morning tasks. 

One strategy to increase willingness of incorporating a morning routine lies in restricting phone use. Like many things, putting your phone down can help in focusing on the things you know you should do. When you first awake, resist reaching for that device on your night table.

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Instead, take a few minutes to be alone with your thoughts. Brush your teeth, wash your face, or grab a refreshing bottle of Carrot Kick. Whatever your morning choices bring, you’ll find actually getting out of bed and performing some wellness-oriented tasks will be easier without the urge to endlessly scroll through media.